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S10,000 V2

With our first outing in our K24 swapped Chevy S10 GLTC car being a pretty rocky one we've made big changes to the car to help it give it more of a fighting chance. At Gingerman Raceway for Gridlife Mid-West festival the truck would encounter a lot of bouncing issues through the mid to late corner when the rear end was trying to squat. This issue was very strange to try to diagnose since our rear end set up is very common on C4 Corvettes, the bounce was most likely created from an axle binding due to the coil overs not actually being utilized completely from V1 of the truck. On top of the interesting bouncing issue we had a very long final drive gear ratio which made the truck super sluggish for its weight.

To resolve these issues we tried a revised upper shock mounting location which significantly improved the trucks ability to utilize the coil over. In turn it allowed us to actually be able to adjust dampening and allow for ride height changes to be more impactful. The final drive ratio on the truck was also improved from what seemed to be a 2.8 rear gear to a 4.5!

With making more changes that were made in the right direction we ended up with a few minor issues that will be sorted out in what we will call V3!

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