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BLOX Racing B/D/F/H Tuner 70MM Throttle Body

BLOX Racing B/D/F/H Tuner 70MM Throttle Body

 For B/D/F/H series engines we are offering these throttle bodies sold alone or as a combo with a precalibrated BLOX Racing TPS sensor! We also offer the throttle body paired with the Blox Racing Throttle Position Sensor and a SKUNK2 4 Bar Map Sensor!


BLOX Racing Tuner Series throttle bodies are alternatives to its line of billet throttle bodies. These units are cast in aluminum and are direct-fit for the Honda B/D/H and F-series engines. The Tuner Series throttle body looks and feels like an OEM unit but definitely out performs it. The larger bore sizes help to optimize incoming airflow and increases horsepower and torque.


The throttle position sensor (TPS) is basically a potentiometer that provides a variable resistance dependent upon the position of the throttle.  There are many different instances when one needs to be replaced. Consequently, in order to purchase a replacement your only options were to buy a brand new throttle body assembly from the local Honda dealer or to find a used one from a local junk yard.


BLOX Racing offers an economical solution for replacement throttle position sensors.  All BLOX Racing TPS are brand new and are provided with a gasket.

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