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Haltech is becoming one of the best platforms to use for any swap, the smoothness and performance of a haltech can completely tranform your car whether or not it is swapped, which is why we think its the best choice for K swaps! RWD Hanresses for K swaps have differnet lengths than the FWD harnesses out there so we made our very own RWD K swap harness that we have used and tested on our own Shop cars from the S10 K swap to a BMW E30!


Our Harness is wrapped and labeled for ease of installation and comes with a premium relay box. The Relay box is suppling power to ECU, Fuel Pump, and Injectors and is already wired in. Anyone using our harness will only have to wire in a battery ground, the constant 12v power from the battery, a switched 12v,  and wire the fuel pump! In the drop downs below youll have to select whether or not youd like us to include a *fan wiring kit (Sold Seperatly), which injector style you will use, which crank sensor style, and which tps sensor used in order for us to complete your custom harness! We can also package the harness with with a Haltech 1500 ECU, Haltech 1500 and Haltech WB1 Wideband, or with Haltech 1500, Haltech WB1 Wideband, and a Haltech IC-7 Digital Dash. (All three packages are sold seperatly and must be added on in the drop down!) 


If you would like a base map loaded onto the Haltech 1500 please select yes or no in the drop down! If yes please include your build list in the notes section, the $150 base map fee will be added to the total. A base map will get the car running but should only be used to get the car to a well expericened tuner! Also, please note whether or not you need any additional relay controls, need wiring set up for drive-by-wire, or any other build specific items! 


*The radiator fan control add on kit is for users that would like a nicer way to wire in their fan wiring. This kit would give you connectors and wire we'd use to wire in a fan so you can choose to have the ecu control it or manually control it!*


* Also please note that Vehicle speed sensors (VSS) are not added into the harness due to the wide range of transmissions and sensors available to RWD K swaps. Haltech offers GPS Speed module (sold seperately) to allow you to connect to your haltechs CAN system and display speed! We use it on our s10 and its very accurate and linear!*

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